Trigger Point Therapy

A properly functioning and nourished fascial network ensures that the body is in good condition and remains flexible. In order to keep the body flexible, FASCIQ® offers a line of various massage products that can be used for myofascial release, including foam rollers, peanut balls and massage balls.

By using various massage products, trigger points can be treated and the muscle will be able to relax. Trigger points are knots in a muscle that can lead to poor functioning of the muscle. They cause tissue tension and poor perfusion, which can cause injuries and strains.

Peanut ball used for trigger point therapy arm

How to use FASCIQ® foam massage products?

The (foam) rollers are used by placing them on the floor and then slowly rolling over them using your own body weight. This creates pressure in the (muscle) tissue. This may be painful in the beginning, but by regularly massaging the tissue and doing various exercises, the condition of the tissue will improve. You can regulate the amount of pressure yourself, by using all or just part of your body weight. (Foam) rollers can be used prior to a competition or great physical effort, but also after a sporting effort to roll out waste from the fascial network.

Foam rollers are available in various hardness, sizes and shapes. It is up to the individual to select the hardness of his or her preference.

Peanut balls are used specifically for back massages that avoid the spine. Just as with the foam rollers, these massages are usually done lying down. The massage can also be carried out while standing against a wall, to reduce the experience of pressure.

The massage products can be used for various exercises. What exercise is best for you depends on the area to be treated.

FASCIQ® Foam Roller Sting video

FASCIQ® peanut massage ball video

The effects of massages with foam products:

  • Increase the range of motion (mobility).
  • Improve tissue perfusion.
  • Increase muscle strength.
  • Stimulate or sedate muscles.
  • Reduce muscle pain.
  • Ensure proper tissue hydration.
  • Release muscle knots (trigger points).

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