FASCIQ®Trigger Point Cups

FASCIQ®Trigger Point Cups

The FASCIQ Sports Cupping Set of four trigger point cups (2 large, 2 small) allow you to grab, pull and push fascia to treat mobility and movement dysfunctions.
These cups are easier to keep clean and sterile than glass or plastic. They can apply two levels of suction: plunger and inversion.

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Easy to use
Easy to use silicone cups with an ergonomically developed grip pattern for extra grip
Soft & comfortable
All silicone cups have a soft & comfortable feel making resulting in the best vacuum effect

How Does Trigger Point Cupping Work?

Cupping creates a decompressive force in the tissues immediately under the cup (with a compressive force created around the rim of the cup). This lifting of the tissues can be a different stimulus to the tissues and the nervous system and for some people can be a relaxing way of treating tight or sore areas and trigger points. It is the opposite of many other forms of manual cupping therapy that typically create a compressive force such as massage, use of IASTM tools, or floss bands.

Why Buy The Trigger Point Cupping Set?

The FASCIQ® silicone cups are easier to travel with as they are not breakable. eliminate the need to carry the vacuum pump and come with a much more compact carrying case!

  • One piece design for treating different target areas
  • 2 suction level: plunger & inversion
  • A unique set of 2 small cups – 2.25″ (57 mm) + 2 large cups – 2.63″ (67 mm)
  • FASCIQ EVA carry case with zipper
  • 100% food grade silicone

How To Apply Sports Cupping Therapy?

Typically most myofascial cups will be in place for only a few minutes at a time. The lower body areas (low back and legs) are typically able to withstand longer application times, whereas the upper body (trunk, neck and arms) may get an adequate treatment effect with shorter applications.
Occasionally a small circular bruise will be left where the cup has been. This occurs less in lower body regions and less often with the lighter suction pressure (plunger method). Bruising is not typically an aim of treatment, but may occur more readily in people who bruise easily. With this in mind we recommend shorter application times initially for these people to test their tolerance to treatment with the trigger point cups. Applying the cups to the face/head region is much more likely to cause a bruise and is not generally recommended. For this application we recommend the facial cupping set. The cups are designed with movement in mind. Whilst on the skin the cups can be moved whilst they grip the tissue underneath; or the cups can be left still and the body part they are attached to taken through various range of movement whilst the cup on the skin creates suction and limits the movement of that tissue.

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