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FASCIQ will be present during several global medical exhibitions. During these events, we meet our target audience for educational purposes and introduce them to the fasciae treatment concept & our FASCIQ products. Additionally, we are present at several national or regional congresses. Please find below some of these exhibitions:


FASCIQ will be present at the Connect 2021, Munich:


FASCIQ will be present at the World Physiotherapy Congress 2021 Online:

New cooperation between Dr Robert Schleip of the Fascia Research Group and FASCIQ®



New cooperation between Dr Robert Schleip of the Fascia Research Group and FASCIQ®


FASCIQ® (a brand by THYSOL Group BV) is very pleased to announce the new cooperation with Dr. Robert Schleip of the Fascia Research Group. Through this partnership,

FASCIQ® will be able to bring the Fascia Treatment Concept, with education and products to a whole new level.

“We are very excited to be working with Dr. Robert Schleip, one of the global leaders in fascia research. As a researcher, speaker, visionary and writer it has been a great honor to have the opportunity to work closely together. We truly believe our customers will greatly benefit from this partnership as our products align beautifully with a focus on providing medical health professionals access to our educational content and tools. One of the many initiatives is that we will co-develop new products with Robert”

Peter Thissen, Managing Director of THYSOL Group BV (Brand owner of FASCIQ®)

“We are delighted to include FASCIQ® as one of our partners. Not only do we share a common purpose – supporting medical health professionals achieve their aspirations –

we know how fundamental education and a well applied fascia treatment concept, which is based on well conducted scientific research, can improve clients’ well beings on a global level.”

Dr. Robert Schleip of the Fascia Research Group in Munich, Germany

Logo-fasciq-dr-SchleipFASCIQ® focuses on innovative concepts related to the global medical professional

Based in The Netherlands, THYSOL Group BV, owner of the brand FASCIQ® is focused, with a dedicated team, on innovative concepts related to the global medical professional. With a strong network of international institutes, global health care leaders and local dedicated partners they bring these concepts (education platforms) and products to the market. The combination of fundamental education and an extensive product range of Fascia Treatment Tools helps medical professionals to improve their patients’ mobility and agility on a global level.




Dr. Robert Schleip of the Fascia Research Society

Dr. Robert Schleip is a human biologist and psychologist. His area of expertise is fascia research. He graduated from the University of Heidelberg in 1980 with a degree in psychology. In 2006 he received his doctorate in human biology from the University of Ulm. His doctoral thesis on active fascial contractility was awarded with the Vladimir Janda Award for Musculoskeletal Medicine. Schleip was co-initiator of the first International Fascia Congress 2007 at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, which marked the breakthrough for modern fascia research, and continued being a driving force for all subsequent congresses. Schleip has been Director of the Fascia Research Group of the University of Ulm since 2008, which recently expanded into a cooperative project with the Technical University of Munich. He is Vice President of the Fascia Research Society, Board Member of the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation, and Research Director of the European Rolfing Association. As a lecturer he teaches in physiotherapy, orthopaedics and training science. He is the author and publisher of specialist publications on the subject of “Fascia” and is present in the media on this subject.


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