Fascia Tape – Displaybox

Fascia Tape – Displaybox

Buy a FASCIQ® Fascia Tape displaybox containing 12 rolls and pay for 10 rolls.

The “hole” pattern causes differences in pressure under the tape applied, as a result of which receptors in the skin and fascia receive even more stimuli in different directions compared to normal kinesiology tape. The skin and the related fascial system plays an important role in the field of pain, control, stability and the distribution of strength.

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Great stretching capacity
Because of it's unique design with a "hole pattern" the tape stretches three-dimensionally and adheres better than regular tape
Fast drying capacity
Fascia tape dries fast after getting wat and therefore has a more intense effect on the fascia.

FASCIQ® fascia tape displaybox

The “hole” pattern in FASCIQ tape gives the tape a greater stretching capacity and a three-dimensional stretching direction arises, letting the tape stretch length-wise as well as diagonally. FASCIQ tape comes in standard size 5 CM x 5 M rolls. The top layer is made of a premium quality cotton, FASCIQ tape has alternating rows of 2 and 3 holes punched into the tape, which gives it more adhesive strength compared to general kinesiology tapes.
The holes allow the tape to stretch along the length and width and allows the tape to apply pressure 3-dimensionally. This means that the tape provides increased stimulus and stretches skin and fascia due to the variations in pressure and stretch created by the openings, which has an increased effect on neuromyopathic systems in the areas where it is applied. The openings also provide greater ventilation of the skin and allows the tape to dry faster after getting wet. Due to these features it has a stronger and more intense effect on the fascia.

FASCIQ Fascia Tape

  • A greater stretching capacity
  • Three-dimensional stretching direction
  • Greater ventilation of the skin
  • Allows the tape to dry more quickly after getting wet
  • Sticks better
  • Multiple 24h lifting and “cupping”, extra lifting effect