FASCIQ® IASTM Tool Mustache

FASCIQ® IASTM Tool Mustache

The FASCIQ® IASTM Tool – Mustache is a wide applicable, light to hold and our best selling IASTM Tool. The “Mustache” has a flat finish on the bottom. The top has both round and upwardly slanted edges. The instrument also has a pointy side to reach deeper fascial layers. A popular choice for general use. Travel pouch included.

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Lifetime guarantee
All our IASTM tools come with a lifetime guarantee. This Lifetime warranty ensures you will recieve the best product out there!


The Mustache is an advanced IASTM tool designed to enhance therapeutic treatments with its precise and versatile features. Made from surgical stainless steel, this tool incorporates multiple edges, each tailored to specific techniques and regions of the body, allowing for optimal patient care and effective outcomes.

a. Convex edge rounded L: The convex edge rounded L of the Mustache offers versatility in a variety of techniques. It is particularly useful for release layer/septa work, deep tissue treatment, pin & stretch techniques, and effleurage. This edge can be applied to all body parts, making it a comprehensive choice for various therapeutic interventions.

b. Concave sharp edge L: With its concave sharp edge L, the Mustache enables accurate scanning of the arms, legs, shoulders, and neck. It facilitates superficial treatment in these regions, providing focused therapy for specific areas of concern.

c. Convex sharp edge XS: The Mustache’s convex sharp edge XS is designed for detailed work in specific regions. It is effective for scanning the foot, hand, Achilles tendon, knee, AC joint, and elbow. This edge allows for precise superficial treatment in these areas, contributing to targeted therapy.

d. Convex sharp edge L: Offering versatility, the convex sharp edge L of the Mustache is suitable for scanning and superficial treatment across all body parts. It allows for a comprehensive assessment and targeted therapy to address various conditions.

e. Convex round/sharp edge L: The convex round/sharp edge L combines rounded and sharp features to facilitate scanning of the lower leg. It is also effective for providing superficial treatment to the shoulder and performing pin & stretch techniques on the arm. Additionally, it can be used for effleurage to enhance the therapeutic experience.

f. Small spot: The Mustache’s small spot feature is designed specifically for trigger point therapy and release layers. It is effective in addressing trigger points in all body parts, with particular emphasis on the foot and hands. This edge enables precise and targeted therapy for tension relief and improved healing.

With the Mustache IASTM tool, practitioners have access to a comprehensive set of edges that cater to different techniques and regions of the body.

All FASCIQ® IASTM tools have Lifetime Guarantee, which of course applies under normal usage.

FASCIQ® IASTM Tool – Mustache information

Material: AISI 304 (1.4301) high-quality surgical stainless steel
Weight: 0.33 lbs
Dimensions: 11 × 3 × 1.2 in

IASTM Tools stimulate:

  • A flexible and well-maintained, healthy fascial network.
  • Improved tissue perfusion.
  • Improved range of motion.
  • Mobilization of the soft tissue.
  • Loosening of adhesions in the connective tissue.
  • Treatment of trigger points.

The most common conditions FASCIQ® IASTM Tools are used for:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Patella tendonitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Shin splints
  • Adhesive capsulitis
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Iliotibial band friction syndrome
  • Surgical or traumatic scars

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