FASCIQ® Ultimate Cupping Collection

FASCIQ® Ultimate Cupping Collection

Want to start cupping therapy? This is your chance! This set of 4 cupping sets + a free cream (15 pcs in total) is the ideal way to start cupping. Everything you need to start your cupping adventure!

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Special Grip Pattern
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BPA Free Silicone

This cupping collection set contains 14 cups in 10 different diameters, making it very versatile. All cups are made of high-quality silicone with a special grip addition. As a result, the cups offer extra grip during application. Ideal in combination with the free fascia cream included in the package! The set is suitable for both daily practice and home use.

Contents of the FASCIQ Complete Cupping Collection:

Use of the cupping set

Silicone cups can be used both for one-spot cupping and for massage cupping. Once the cup is placed on oiled skin, it can be moved back and forth gently. This increases blood flow and relaxes muscles very effectively. Unlike traditional massage sets, using our FASCIQ cupping collection set is not painful. Our cups distribute the pressure on your skin evenly. This will improve the adhesion of the cups and prevent pain during the massage. With the ergonomic design of the FASCIQ cupping cups, they provide good suction while also being more comfortable and firm in the hand than other cups. As a result, your hands won’t bother you while massaging. By using the cupping set, you improve blood circulation and increase your energy levels. It also reduces fat deposits, cellulite, scar tissue and relieves painful or tense muscles. With our cellulite cups, you promote the production of collagen and get rid of waste products. From now on, you no longer have to feel insecure and can enjoy radiant, smooth and soft skin again!

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